Tyler Shields- Once a provocateur, always a provocateur

©TYLER SHIELDS Claymask, 2014
©TYLER SHIELDS, Chanel Champagne, 2016

Tyler Shields has never been one to shy away from controversy, nor has he ever been apologetic about causing it, thus Shield’s latest London show ‘Provocateur’ is more than fittingly titled – suiting the man, his work and its reputation.  It is not too long ago that Shield gained attention when he paraded through Piccadilly in a horse and carriage surrounded by Marie-Antoinette lookalikes, and the dust has yet to settle in the aftermath of his eponymous ‘decapitated head’ photo depicting former CNN host Kathy Griffin with a severed head of the USA’s current president. And yet  that has not stopped the photographer from staging an ongoing exhibition in collaboration with COYA and Imitate Modern, showcasing both the photographer’s iconic pieces alongside freshly taken ones.  Shield’s striking and easily recognizable imagery outlined by his bold use of colour and confronting thematics has embraced every single inch of youth culture. Thus by presenting boredom, consumerism, sex and all kinds of entertaining absurdities in a consistently uncanny manner is what earned Shields a place as one of the most influential photographers of our time.
And the accolades  of the 21st Century?
Shield’s work has paved its way onto every acclaimed artistic Instagram grid there is .

Taylor Shields on view at Imitate Modern until 27th November