Hart + Lëshkina

‘They are bound by desire to transcend their physicality’ explains Tatiana Lëshkina, who is one half of the interdisciplinary artistic dyad Hart+Leshkina. She is naturally referring to the emotionally tense series of photographs and portraits published in Beyond the Clouds – the duo’s latest meticulously arranged visual narrative. Exploring the subject of ephemerality and emotion the duo once again touches upon transcendence as a recurring theme in their work. Through provocatively complex dialogue, the viewer is confronted with the painstaking subject of impermanence, both on an individual level albeit as on a collective one. Indeed, the series of images depicting the perishable character of the human condition and nature alike, elicit a certain visceral response in the viewer. Ice melting, blood dripping and evocative imagery thus become visual metaphors for the transitory state of flesh alluding to the passing of time and leading to resignation and ultimately the acceptance (of it).