Totême: Offering Scandinavian Lifestyle

Lauding modernity and understated elegance, the swedish brand Totême has been pioneering sartorial approach to dressing from the very beginning. Guided by the unwavering resolve of Elin Kling- brand’s creative director and founder, Totême has quickly become distinguished for it’s uncompromising simplicity of the line as well as the ease and femininity it exudes – thus devoided from all the unnecessary inputs, the focus is left on the wearer. Albeit the beguiling simplicity does more than meets the eye, as the brand offers satisfying blend of garments equally empowering and sumptuous, fabric tender to the skin, structure crisp on the eye. And the brand’s strength is in that very contrast which embraces  delicacy while maintaining the structural asceticism Scandinavian design is known for.
Thus opening of the brand’s studio to the public and offering a peek into the harmonically curated world of Totême is in perfect tune with a brand offering a lifestyle rather than a mere brick-and-mortar approach to dressing.
By highlighting the Swedish mid-century design, vintage furniture from Bruno Mathsson and ceramics from Ann Jansson, and with exclusive pieces by Christian Halleröd made especially for Totême , the delectably modern lifestyle that Totême customer has become assimilated with has been put on view, providing a chance not only to opt for tailor made garments or pre-order new seasons,  but also to leave the studio filled with inspiration.

The studio will be located at Tegnérgatan 37, and will open for the public June 1st. 2017.