Is it a repercussion of the fervent party season that fuels an indisputable yearning for coziness? Or perhaps it’s the need to shelter ourselves from an ever tumultuous political climate? Either way there is a palpable urge to indulge in the ritual of engulfing ourselves in a comforting commodity (the bigger the better – because more is officially more). It is in our juvenile years that we first form an emotional attachment with the humble “blankie” and one cannot help but ponder –  do we ever truly outgrow the need for a comfort blanket? The Peanuts comic strip author Charles Schulz first coined the term security blanket, the concept however has been in existence since the 1920s. Defined as a ‘small blanket or other soft fabric item held or carried by a child to afford reassurance by its familiarity’ – In extended use, security blanket can also refer to anything offering reassurance, comfort, or a sense of security. Comfort being the key word, in the midst of uncertainty and a sense of impending grim times, it is unsurprising perchance that as adults there is a withstanding need for a comforter.  As in spite of everything we still require something to keep us warm on frosty mornings and we do have to get dressed every day. This longing for the comfort blanket has not only manifested within our homes but has also permeated into the fashion world, advancing to the ranks of the ultimate winter accessory. 

And why not take the comfort of a languorous Sunday afternoon to the working week? There has been no shortage in the display of dressing for comfort this season with the revival of the hoodie, dressing gown style robes and Balenciaga duvet-style coats the cherry on the cake. It is however arguably the genius of Phoebe Philo, who has brilliantly demonstrated that chic oversized blankets look just as handsome draped unapologetically around ones arm as they do splayed on a chaise lounge. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the look-du-jour consists of classic tuxedo tailoring paired with some interpretation of oversized, fuzzy arm candy .

Be it for personal attire or as pride of place in one’s abode, the hankering for comfort clearly hasn’t waned.  As we set out to brave winter’s coldest days the comfort blanket victoriously comes to the rescue as it simultaneously grants the wearer the ability to make a statement whilst ultimately keeping it casual. When it comes to acquiring a cozy companion one shouldn’t refrain from indulging in quality – wool, cashmere and mohair all being favourable options. The more silkily soft and robustly durable the better, as after all a good blanket is like a good book, one shouldn’t want to put it down.