The Animal Kingdom

Written by Alice Betts & Irina Lakicevic

What is it about the infantile charm of the supercilious gaze hiding behind the doe-eyed expression of a children’s toy-come-fashion-accessory  that instantly imparts joy in the onlooker? Age is certainly no limit for the juvenile delights these objets d’art convey, as they caress the sweetest memories of our most tender years. Taking  a step back from the grim reality of  current tides fashion houses are creating grown-up trinkets that revel in the nostalgia of the cherished toys of our childhood and play into our juvenile reveries. Both wild and whimsical– these accessories enable a lighthearted approach to dressing for the everyday. The biggest proponent of the boisterous trend might be Alessandro Michele for Gucci and the flamboyant em

Incorporate the genius of Jonathan Anderson with origami like precision of a seasoned leather atelier –  and voila –the most adorable plethora of candy coloured, infantile “it-bags” are brought to life. Same goes for the slightly bizarre and highly discussed necklace reminiscent of Paul Klee’s ‘Cat and the Bird’ that was sent down the runway a couple of seasons past. It’s crystal-clear shell revealing the precious content – translucent fluid merging with golden flakes with a sole purpose to incite infantile satisfaction. Michele’s eutierrian message is on the other hand all too different in context and meaning. The nod towards hedonism and  mythology is more than clear as the children of Gucci’s garden coalesce with the nature, rejecting the futilit