© Tal R, Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London

‘The fascinating thing for me about Sexshops is the idea of something being withheld, and the link with how painting operates similarly in that it’s this surface that invites you in. But what is actually inside the image? There is a weird parallel between any façade and a painting: both of them are a flat surface but they promise a three-dimensional experience.’ TAL R

One cannot help but be drawn to the vibrant work of the Israeli born, Copenhagen based Tal R and his latest offering Sex Shops which explores themes of lust, desire and pleasure at Victoria Miro is particularly tantalizing. One is treated to colourful canvases depicting facades of sex shops which imbue an air of intrigue and effortlessly arouse the imagination. There is a certain fascination in the act of not giving everything away, of keeping something hidden, about the unseen and unknown shenanigans that could take place within these establishments. The viewer is left with only a hint as to what goes on behind these crayola box closed door and is therefore abandoned to play out their own fantasies.