The modern satisfaction of self-indulgance

Christmas may have come and passed –and while we at MINT are more than content with treasures underneath our tree – there is a certain modern satisfaction in self-indulgence.  Here we share our short-list over modern details to complete the festive season

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JWA Workshop x Jamie Haweksworth Exclusive never before seen charcoal drawings produced during Haweksworth’s tour in Russia, featuring screen prints in off white and white canvases; limited to 10 prints in each colour and hand cut by the metre.

The Row Ascot Clutch Intriguingly unusual and deliberately petite The Row has delivered a scrumptiously delicious bag in yellow satin or green velvet to fit all festive needs and purposes.

Gucci- Blind for Love by Assouline Books Testament to Alessandro Michele’s creative genius and his vision for Cruise 2017 Collection ‘Blind for Love’ is a limited edition bind featuring Tudor Queen Elizabeth I on the front page. The assembly gilded pages doesn’t disappoint in it’s exuberant opulence as the viewer is guided through the process of crafting the Cruise collection to it’s release point.

A dinner jacket Allowing the wearer to slip into the luxurious ease, yet maintaining the everyday rigour daily-wear commands, the jacquard jacket raises triumphantly to the task. Paired with a white tuxedo shirt and comfortable black pants during office hours or with soft jeans and a cashmere sweater,  this FRS piece is an absolute winner.

Charlotte Chesnais earrings Lending 80’s power glam to it’s wearer these earrings are perfect festive accent, without being attention seeking.

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