Although originally regarded as scandalous to even be considered as attire for women, pants swiftly became a symbol for many females striving for equal rights – the first of which bearing a high waist fit. The garment went on to be embraced by the empowerment of working women – worn for practical purposes during the 1940’s – and over time slowly became an acceptable and popular part of women’s attire. Reaching peak status triggered by major players of the 80’s such as Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Armani who celebrated the style with their power dressing designs – ensuring their prominence in almost every woman’s closet. However by the time the 90’s came around so did the loss of interest in this charming style which was soon replaced by low rise styles that would go on to dominate the era. As our attention has once again shifted to classic tailoring there’s no surprise that a revival of rising waistbands is at play. With a whole scope of interpretations this season ranging from corduroy to pink satin, these pantaloons have once again become a dominant staple in our wardrobes. Advantageously flattering on almost all body types high rise trousers are also notoriously comfortable. With their winning balance of formal-casual the high waist style are dressy by definition but in fact serve for the perfect everyday look. Styled effortlessly with a simple t-shirt, sweater or turtleneck and sneakers or matched with a blouse/shirt and adorned with a belt or silk scarf for the ultimate understated elegance. As we continue the fervent quest for equal rights there’s a certain vigour in embracing the resurgence of this trend and here we have accumulated some of our favourite images of high waisted heroines.