Rooted in the desire to achieve physical manifestation of an idea –  the act of dressing is as much a conscious choice as it is conditioned by sentiment. Thus, the personal approach when it comes to choice of look du jour is manifested through the deliberate order in which garments are put  together, simultaneously playing  the game of hide and reveal,  as their assembly communicates a version of wearer’s identity, exhibited to a desired extent and appropriated for the outer world.
As personal touch dictates the amount of fun one might have – there is an infinite extent of possibilities as one browses through the usually packed wardrobe –  the act of modern dressing resembles an ongoing process of investigation; albeit  detached from any  need for the ultimate conclusion or point, it allows the wearer to convey or enhance particular emotion or mood, contemplate deeper over and even push the boundaries of wearer’s identity. The lingering emotion extended from one’s inner sanctum that is set to be projected in the exterior domain is simply achieved by employing in the act of permutation. Indeed, made possible by the immense amount of vêtements on the market, the delectable gambit of artful pairing  sets the tone for personal style.  Liberated from the antiqued set of rules that heralded constricted taste, and have sanctionized it as good or bad –  the modern wearer is free to embrace parts play–parts serious business approach to dressing as prospects of possible permutations are infinite. The ultimate  joy is in the remix.

In this instance a  simple black body serves as a canvas for further layering. Accompanied by the skirt that extends just below the knee, the demure length renders the authority of a workwear attire, albeit the slit allows for the subtle flash of thigh to signalize a more relaxed setting. The shoes tell the similar story ;neither pumps nor mules, the elegant shape and relaxed heel send mixed signals.
Albeit – the intent of the wearer  is made clearer as the bomber jacket steps on the stage,

rendering a feeling of Saturday brunch or a semi formal setting.
The look arises intrigue through the clear contrast it provides:
formal and informal, the smooth shine of the cobber fabric simultaneously complimenting and contrasting the grainy texture of the woolen skirt; the backpack and the shoes dance in the same rhythm, as the elegant shape in lush suede stands as stark antithesis to the sturdy canvas of the backpack. Yet the art of remix is in the look as whole, as the assembly of low-key and formal, shapes,textures and colours work together to achieve a visual unity.