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As the weekend approaches and coldest days of February are yet to come we have gathered 5 most immersive publications to let the eye wander in search for inspiration. 


  1. Ana Kras  “Ikebana Albums”   bound book – paperback with dust jacket – by Prestel Verlag 

Ana Kras 'Ikebana Albums '

If one thing comes to mind when talking about Serbia-born, New-York residing artist artist Ana Kras is her riveting body of work stretching across fields and disciplines. Her latest book ‘Ikebana Albums’ that started as personal online platform was published in late 2016 as document to everyday happenings, Kras’s all-abosrbing  and highly magnetic sentiment exuding from every page.


 Lina Scheynius – a former model turned photographer has been holding the audience on pins since her first book release in 2008, simply named nr.1 in what is now a tome of 9. Her latest release is a dreamy binding filled to brim with immersive photographs of pink flesh, pastel-lit skyes and nature.   Scheynius’ work is a highly instinctive one accounting for the elusive photographs going on a poignant note which one easily connects with making it a perfect addition to the coffee table collection

3. Donal Judd “Furniture Retrospective# at Idea Books Ltd

As noted by the bookstore above all bookstores–Idea Book lTD at Dover Street market– Donald Judd’s “Furniture retrospective” is the ‘most desirable brown paper bound’ book one will ever want. Published by Boymans Museum in Rotterdam in 1993, Furniture Retrospective is 134 pages of pure pleasure, visual and written alike as it allows us to dive deeper in in Judd’s thoughts and lost ourselves in soft-hued pages of interior bonanza. 


Female gaze might have been in the wind for some time now but for the highly acknowledged photographer Lena C.Emery, female sexuality has been a ongoing theme through all of her work. The warm-lit photographers explore the female’s inner sanctum and their awareness of the on-lookers gaze. The result is a psychological exploration of respons and expectations to the exterior gaze.

The story goes that Francois Hers employed Sophie Ristelhueber to write the text to accompany his photographs. Yet, the conversation took a more visual form as she responded to his work with employing photography on her own. The result didin’t only end up in a marriage, but also in a prolific book of the most exurban of interiors- seemingly un-inabitetd.  Ristelhueber’s respons was a black and white compilation of photographs depicting the inhabitants of these homes – playing on the powerful yet restrained atmosphere taking an allusive approach to the complex realities of the contemporary world.