Mint Loves – perfect shade

Finding a perfect shade of nail lacquer to suit the mood is a difficult task to accomplish, made no easier by the everyday demands of modern living.  When executed well – a neat manicure renders a tone of elegance and elongates even plumpest of hands. As transmitters of thoughts and feelings well-groomed hands lend the aura of poise and assurance, and the right shade on wearer’s fingertips ads to the impression.  Distinguished tastes are in this case hard to satisfy, as the palette of perfectly muted,

yet seamlessly enhancing shades is hard to come across.  Jewellery designer J.Hannah was seemingly well aware of the tricky task she has set to accomplish. Describing her carefully-edited line as one that ”considers the gracefulness of hands, and the role of subtle colour as an element in the considered wardrobe.” all  7-shades are perfectly scrumptious  and delectably modern, offering the wearer a plethora of choices rather than compromises.