There are very few items in the big lexicon of garmentory that are quintessential to Holiday style. These festive staples unapologetically embrace all the beloved cliches of traditional Holiday dressing, yet virtuously eschew the borderline tacky. Thus while balancing on the thin line of whimsical banality offered by festive frippery, these particular garments tap dance on the plane of reverie while they simultaneously incite the desire for perpetual wear. It is quite obvious that every garb that exhibits this kind of acrobatic finesse is set to be deemed timeless and for a style enthusiast – outright exciting.
While Kilt – topic du jour –has perhaps more enthrilling notions imbued in it’s subject matter than festive dressing, there can be no Christmas party without a sighting of the plaid, pleated fabric. Indeed there are very few things that spell out Christmas in the same manner as a bow in green or red tartan attached some kind of relevant ornament, so it is only natural that the well-known pattern would eventually find its way to apparel. And while direct correlation between Scotland’s cultural distinction (commonly attributed to the kilt) and festive merry-making uniform is somewhat unclear (tho we are not lacking on hypothesizes) when  paired with a black turtleneck the kilt translates less as Mel Gibson’s Braveheart and more  90’s Christy Turlington.
Here at MINT we are obviously all in for the latter and have gathered all our favourite images of the infamous garments  worn the  right way.