Currently on display as part of a new exhibition at Alison Jacques Gallery in London, is Juergen Teller: Go-Sees. Produced over the course of a year from May 1998 the exhibition consists of a series of around 462 photographs from this part of Teller’s early career. Fusing fine art and fashion photography, these un-retouched images beautifully capture the raw reality of these hopeful young women who were often to be found lingering in the entrance to Teller’s studio in West London. The result is a captivating and refreshingly candid documentation of the strange and perhaps even obscure process of a Go-see, with each young woman’s portrait rendering a different pose and mood – ranging from vulnerability to flirty to acrobatic. Some of these portraits even contain a familiar face of a star in the making – the likes of Adriana Lima and Shalom Harlow. With their spontaneous and relaxed temperament, there’s something palatable about Teller’s dismissal of the typically refined visual protocols that are expected with the luxury world. Go-Sees will be showing at Alison Jacques Gallery until February 3rd.