Ingressi di Milano

ingressi Delfino Sisto Legnani: via Giuseppe Dezza 49 – Gio Ponti, Antonio Fornaroli, Alberto Rosselli, 1952–56

Hallway – a tingling feeling and sense of anticipation arises as one reaches for the doorknob.  The sound of footsteps – anxious, happy, slow, high paced, danicing– echoing through the empty passage revealing something about the wayfarer as he makes the way towards the intended destination.The notion of a passage always brings a sense of drama to the scene.
Hallway is an ambiguous space.
It’s transient character depends upon one’s trajectory.  A passage symbolising both the beginning and the end, the arrival or departure – both holding a promise of rendezvous to come– a homecoming – the last fragment of journey  before entering the security of one own’s space, but also a final frontier before one leaves the protective walls of the abode for the adventures offered by the world outside. The importance of grand hallway in nowhere more evident than in Milan, where stark architecture is often cocooning splendidly ornate interior, making one wonder what lies behind next door, as much as they arise the question of ever wanting to leave it’s customary marble-clad columns.