Harley Weir’s Boundaries

Baron Magazine 2013 © Harley Weir boundaries Baron Magazine 2013 © Harley Weir at FOAM
Pop Magazine FW 2014 © Harley Weir

Word inflicting both torment and tease with the something unobtainable in sight. There is a poetry to the term standing alone, a tangible feeling of space left unexplored, dream of beyond and notion of inaccessibility – a barrier stated physically by the period after the vocable.  Yet the notion of boundaries isn’t solely tied to the poignantly impervious or hopeless or even futile – it also marks separation, a stand, frontier, horizon or perimeter, and ultimately a distinction.
That just may be the reason why Harley Weir’s first exhibition at FOAM is titled exactly that – ‘Boundaries’.
Weir- a Central Saint Martins graduate with BA in Fine Art is one of the most intriguing photographers who have surfaced in the recent years. Weir’s work spanning over several fields – from documenting the life in conflict areas and refugee camps,

to capturing Adwoa Aboah for i-D magazine – delivers a distinct vision: the one of warm coloured photographs informed by belief in evoking emotion in the onlooker. And while one might be quick to discard the notion of the above as something implicit when it comes to art, in our digital age where everyone is a photographer and plethora of images passes the retina, that just might prove to be a more difficult task to accomplish.
Dressed in patina of ardor and melancholy with strong sense of personal involvement, Weir’s images resonate with voice as clear and strong as of a field veteran. Photographs’ inherent stillness and tender hues render a dream-like state to the overwhelmingly honest point of view, acutely capturing the human nature and all it’s subtleties.


Harley Weir’s exhibition ‘Boundaries’ is on view at FOAM until 19th February