Georgian Souvenirs: Inscence

Habitually used in ecclesiastical liturgy from early age on, the scent of incense has always been indistinguishable from the religious experience. And yet, as ‘saging’ has become a verb describing the ceremonious venture now frequently employed in even the most traditional of homes and the smell itself has gained popularity on the indie-perfume market, on our latest trip to Tbilisi, Georgia it only made sense to bring home scanty yet fragrant resin drops that are fundamental to the spiritual experience offered in Orthodox churches across Georgia. Naturally the MINT team stocked up on the golden vesicles heavily imbued in woody notes and ceremonial pyres that when lit (with an appropriate set of matches bought from a local market in Tbilisi) hold the promise of purifying ones home, body and mind. Or if you are not completely into the cult of neo-spirituality the lustrous droplets offer a great variety of comforting scents perfect for the dark nights that lay ahead of us. 

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