Last Minute Christmas Decoration Tips

With Christmas just around the corner there is myriad of small details to set in place and it is easy to lose the holiday spirit with over-detailed planning.  Here at MINT we honour our years spent in Scandinavia, their fuss free and happiness- is- in-having-time-to- breathe style of life. In that spirit MINT’s editorial team is sharing their best decorative tips for the modern woman who knows that the devil is in the detail. 

1. Brown wrapping paper is your friend. One might be reluctant to employ the rather dull paper usually used at the local supermarket as a grocery bag when wishing to showcase ones penchant for wrapping presents. However the tawny brown is actually the perfect background for adding ribbons and flowers to achieve the charmingly tender effect often associated with Christmas.  While a single flower taped to the paper looks minimal adding to the modern understated elegance, a myriad of velvety ribbons and different flowers offer a more whimsical approach to interior aesthetics.  2. Family gatherings can often turn into a restless affair fuelled by a lack of initiative and over-indulging in sugary delights. A fun way to keep everyone in swing- from the old granny to the hyperactive 6 year old is to start a small workshop. Pack pre-made granola or Christmas bars in self made brown paper bags that can easily be decorated according to ones wishes.  The small brown packages make for equally great gifts under the tree as they are an adventure to fill.  And the best part – everyone gets to exhibit a level of creativity. 3. Christmas decorations- especially in bigger towns can feel like an attack on all the senses, thus Scandinavians are very happy to keep the decor to minimal and chic, with in season flowers placed in glass jars or rustic buckets.  Flowers placed in corners which are effortlessly arranged add another dimension of ‘hygge’ to already rustic homes, and soften the strict look of a designer apartment. 4. Setting the table is known to send even the most savvy hostess into a frenzy. Scandinavians are yet again ahead of the game and know that the trick is to keep the table pared-down and soft looking. In that manner one achieves maximal effect to minimal effort.  Small flowers on the plate will melt even the biggest perfectionist, and the lack of big table pieces sets an informal tone making place for what we are all looking forward to – tasty morsels coming out of the kitchen.