Dali’s Jewellery

Master of all trades, it is a mild understatment to render Salvador Dali as anything other than a multifaceted genius. While most of Dali’s undertakings have been highly celebrated and engulfed by media fanfare, some collaborations like the one with Playboy or the recently released Disney film have gained less attention.  Although working in fashion wasn’t anything new for Dali one of those lesser known ventures within the realm of appereal was extensive jewellery line first concieved together with than-in-the-wind designer  Fulco di Verdura and furtherly developed together with Argentinian-born Carlos Alemany. 

 The pieces are beautifuly obscure, ranging from a beating heart  charm to Medusa broch, yet highly intriguing dwelling somewhere inbetween mockery Dali’s was notorious known and a serious line of haute-joilaire.  Albeit it is very obvious that the design of these pieces  was a work of Dali’s  playful mischief, the pieces loose no grace in the charming whimsy of the design, looking equally intriguing and captivating as when they were made.