Celebrating the Female Gaze

There lies a beauty in the fluidity of a women’s photography of women, the embracement of the feminine form as a means of expression, contemplation and narrative. Through the tender click of a button the female gaze has been slowly but surely revealing itself.
Here we have rounded up three compelling photographers who currently inspire us through their frivolity and exploration of boundaries.

Model turned photographer Marianna Rothen has created an alternative reality which celebrates women, feminism and sensuality. Within this reality men don’t exist but are perhaps a shadowy presence subsiding on the cusp. These whimsical and quixotic images instill an air of seduction, otherworldliness and mystery and explore ideals of beauty and sensuality as well as the ways in which women approach self-perception. These encounters, through the use of unique colour palettes and romantically fragmented settings render a deliciously cinematic feel. Most intriguing however is perhaps Rothens’ process which consists of taking and rescanning a polaroid of a digital print – the result leading the onlooker to question whether they are looking at a photograph or perhaps a painting.

All Rights Reserved ©IzabelleWenzel

It comes as no surprise when gazing upon the work of German photographer Isabelle Wenzel to discover that she was at one time a promising acrobat. This fascination and investigation of movement plays an integral role in a predominantly improvisational creative process, which playfully and humorously investigates the relationship between photography, sculpture and performance. Peeling away any trace of personality by deliberately concealing the face, Wenzel represents the individual as an abstract object depicted in a myriad of contortions and settings. There is something about these figures often posed with legs askew which imbues a delectable feeling of surrender,  but which ultimately exhibits a somewhat awkward and discomforting allure that is albeit beautifully geometric.

All Rights Reserved ©JunoCalypso

Sugary sweet on the surface yet sinister beneath, for Juno Calypso seduction begins in secrecy. The London based photographer produces elaborately staged self-portraits depicting alter-egos that teeter between fact and fictitious, which highlight the absurdities of  the female identity and permeate with a sense of unease. Through the use of female characters Calypso’s work explores female sexuality and modern rituals of seduction. There’s a somewhat twisted harmony in the juxtaposition of a bubblegum hued realm brimming with an air of insidiousness. Ultimately there’s a beguiling honesty in these solitary moments of anticipation and preparation that one cannot overlook.