Fashion 19.01.2018

WISHLIST Round- up

Weekend is just around the corner and we are searching for those perfect pieces that are quintessentially weekend.  JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this...
Fashion 17.01.2018

Best Coats on Sale

As temperatures drop and are lacking correspondence with the summery garbs currently on the shelves we turn to the sales corner in search of the best coats to shield us from the icy...
Fashion 03.12.2017

MINT Uniform

Our perfect Sunday night attire consists of an untimely summer slip paired with a sporty turtleneck and a charming detail of a little sparkle on the toes. 1.Le Petit Voyeur magazine...
MintUniform 05.04.2017

MINT Uniform

Another round of our current objects of desire...
MintUniform 28.03.2017


As delightful temperatures indicate spring is on it’s way, we browse the internet for tempting arrivals to temporary moderate our cravings. 1.Arthur Aeschbacher, Accroupi sous les yeux navigables, 1963. Is a...
MintUniform 21.03.2017

MINT Uniform

From Helen Frankentheler's oil on paper to Balenciaga's pants and a beautiful teak table, these particular items are instantly recognizable as MintUniform...
MintUniform 03.02.2017


As the weekend is just around the corner we take inspiration from Gene Davis's work and opt for sleek minimalism infused with a comfortable note, ...
MintUniform 26.01.2017

MintMood #1

5 most inspiring photos we have saved on our phones this week...
Fashion 11.12.2016

Office dressing: MintUniform #9

As weekend approaches, our uniform leans towards a more casual approach. Red leather skirt sets the mood ...
Fashion 11.12.2016

Mint Uniform #4

Office dressing: making a case for striped polo and gold buttoned blazer...
MintUniform 14.12.2016

Mint Uniform #5

Industrie's love affair with bare shoulders has moved from delicately revealing blouses to coats and sturdier materials, rendering intriguing shapes to even the most classical of garments...
Fashion 14.12.2016

Mint Uniform #6

Substituting a hat for the scarf...