Fashion 19.06.2017

LFWM Spring 2018: Going Beyond The Runway

High street icon Topman aims at “changing the perspective” of menswear with a different way of showing their collection. Spring 2018 marked the fifth anniversary of London Fashion Week Men’s...
Fashion 06.06.2017

The Basket Case

There is a certain poetry in carrying an item frequently associated with summer - dreaming all year long ...
Culture 04.06.2017

Copenhagen Fashion Summit: Call to action

If one is entrusted to one’s own common sense – sustainability – in all aspects of life, will in 30 years time transpire as a golden standard; a norm –...
Art+Photography 22.06.2017

Alternating Rose and Gold.

As the weekend approaches we are on the constant outlook for the latest surce of inspiration that just might arrive before weekend. Seemingly nothing makes more sense than a love...
Fashion 14.04.2017

The Way of the Vest

The knitted vest, a garment once considered a cornerstone of 70’s ephemera...
Fashion 29.03.2017

Georgia O’Keeffe: Living Modern

Swept in the mist of an enduring mystique, O’Keeffe’s elusive icona is in as much debt to her personality...
Fashion 27.02.2017


Rooted in the desire to achieve physical manifestation of an idea –  the act of dressing is as much a conscious choice as it is conditioned by sentiment. Thus, the...
Fashion 15.02.2017


Delectably modern yet feminine, Khaite has made it's name for it's simple garments...
Fashion 13.02.2017

The faith of street style

Street style has been under a lot of pressure lately. ...
Fashion 06.02.2017

The Animal Kingdom

Rethinking the notion of animal kingdom...
Fashion 06.02.2017

Mint Loves – perfect shade

Finding a perfect shade of nail lacquer to suit the mood is a difficult task to accomplish,made no easier by the everyday demands of modern living...
Fashion 17.01.2017

Rethinking the substance

Deborah Turbeville's work seems more relevant than ever...
Fashion 13.01.2017

The Departure of Lord Snowdon

A look at the Lord Snowdon's most inimitable photos in an archive gallery...
Fashion 07.01.2017


There is little doubt that Jonathan W. Anderson has a very distinct approach to design...
Fashion 01.01.2017

Hart + Lëshkina

Exploring the subject of ephemerality and emotion the duo once again touches upon transcendence as a recurring theme in their work. ...
Photo Courtesy of @WalesBonner
Fashion 01.01.2017

Wales Bonner: The Multitude of Perceptions

A menswear designer predominantly interested in confronting cultural codes, especially those of black male sexuality, Bonner has been lauded (and won LVMH prize in 2016) for her multi-layered approach that...
Fashion 28.12.2016

Chloë Sevigny as the new face of J.W. Anderson

Chloë Sevigny – the eponymous 90's dream girl has earlier this month been revealed as the face of J.W. Anderson SS17 Campaign,...
Fashion 26.12.2016

Jacquemus SS17

Model Rose Van Bosstraeten has had the honour of opening and closing the show of Simone Porte Jacquemus– the french designer who has through his wry humor and interesting shapes made a significant breakthrough...
Fashion 27.12.2016

The modern satisfaction of self-indulgance

Christmas may have come and passed –and while we at MINT are more than content with treasures underneath our tree – there is a certain modern satisfaction in self-indulgence.  Here...
Fashion 26.12.2016

Franca Sozzani remebered

Franca Sozzani has passed away at the age of 66 after a year-long illness. Sozzani- gracile and soft spoken; her piercing blue eyes, fierce yet strangely tender were seemingly the only detectable...
Culture 12.12.2016

The question of broad shoulder

As yet another stock of highly anticipated images of Céline’s resort collection has been released...
Fashion 11.12.2016

Office dressing: MintUniform #9

As weekend approaches, our uniform leans towards a more casual approach. Red leather skirt sets the mood ...
Fashion 05.12.2016

Sartorial approach to Instagram: Khaite

With nights growing darker and the winter solstice approaching apace, our minds turn towards a constant pursuit for visual enticement swiftly provided by our 4” screens. ...
Culture 05.12.2016

Past, Present, Future

Casa. Home. Place of residence. ...
Fashion 11.12.2016

Mint Uniform #4

Office dressing: making a case for striped polo and gold buttoned blazer...