Design 20.01.2018

Max Bill: best kept secret of European modernism

Swiss-born architect Max Bill is perhaps one of the best-kept secrets of European modernism. As somebody who studied at Bauhaus under the teaching tenure of Klee and Kandinsky, ...
Design 15.01.2018


Sometimes starting the working week means passivly starring at photos of brilliant buildings...
Culture 07.12.2017


While mid December catches most people running Christmas errands and getting into the Holiday spirit, some of us are not there yet- as the highly anticipated Design Miami, Miami Untitled and...
Design 05.06.2017

An Eye has to travel: Dimore Studio

“A home that has a layered feel is much more interesting for the eye. We’re not minimalists at all.” There is a certain addictiveness to the optical seduction that one...
Design 22.05.2017

A rare gem: Auguste Rodin Sculpting, 1915

Watch: A short video gem showcasing Auguste Rodin working...
Design 02.05.2017

Interior Architecture by Pierre Yovanovitch

There is a confounded pleasantry in the discovery Pierre Yovanovitch is a design autodidact. ...
Design 24.04.2017

Architectural Monday

We are kicking of a new column here at MINT called #Architectural Monday with an ode to brutalism and one of our favourite Instagram account celebrating a direction that developed...
Design 11.04.2017

Ingressi di Milano

Ingressi. Hallway – a tingling feeling and sense of anticipation arises as one reaches for the doorknob.  The sound of footsteps – anxious, happy, slow, high paced, danicing– echoing through...
Design 10.01.2017

Carlo Scarpa: The master of discrete dialogues

The refined approach Scarpa pursued, resulted in the unobtrusively woven narrative...
Design 10.01.2017

Mint Loves: Feyona Van Stom

Mint Loves: Feyona Van Stom's impression and rendering of the human body, female form in particular. ...
Design 26.12.2016

Mint Details: ”Hygge”

Emblematic of modern living, distinguished details are organized to delight the eye and set the tone for ''hygge'' ,a Scandinavian term for ‘cozyness’....
Design 27.11.2016

Women in Design- Charlotte Perriand

One of the protagonists of the European Modern Movement, the french designer Charlotte Perriand has achieved a somewhat stellar status on the subject ...
Design 28.11.2016

Calder At Home

Alexander Calder’s name imparts instant recognition as he is widely regarded as being one of the most prolific and prominent artists of the 20th century....