Art+Photography 05.05.2017


New round-uo setting the mood for the weekend, from Johnny Depp & Kate Moss  having breakfast to Wolfgang Tillmans sending strong political message...
Art+Photography 19.04.2017

Celebrating the Female Gaze

3 female photographers currently on our radar...
Art+Photography 02.04.2017

Melgaard’s ‘Sugar Amensia’

Bjarne Melgaard has never shun away from socio-cultural critique –nor has he ever offered a timid version of it. His latest series of works and installations – ‘The Casual Pleasure...
Art+Photography 30.03.2017

Art Paris Art Fair 2017: Recognition for African artists, at last

From March 30th to April 2nd, 2017, Paris’s Grand Palais is hosting 139 galleries of modern and contemporary art from 29 countries on the occasion of the 19th Art Paris...
Art+Photography 26.03.2017

Lohr’s Birds

”Birds are inspiring creatures, but with this project I wanted to abstract things and look closer at something kind of surreal that I see when looking at birds’ feathers in...
Art+Photography 25.03.2017

LINDER : The subversive relevance of feminist collages

Linder’s iconic imagery is perhaps past the initial shock- effect it enjoyed when her work first saw daylight in the 70’s, yet the subversive feminist collages still have the same...
Art+Photography 22.03.2017


A small round up of the favourite photos we have saved on out phones...
Art+Photography 20.03.2017

‘Our Heads are round so our thoughts can change direction’

Charmingly brazen or brazenly charming? – is a question that arises ...
Art+Photography 09.03.2017

Cy Twombly: A writer’s painter

“My line is childlike not childish. It is very difficult to fake…to get that quality you need to project yourself into the child’s line. It has to be felt”. One...
Art+Photography 31.01.2017


Most Inspiring photos that we have saved on our phones during the weekend from Lamps by Ettore Sottsass found in a Stilnovo catalogue to Versace Campaign in 1999 to ...
Art+Photography 29.01.2017

Mastry of Kerry James Marshall

Amidst the political furore surrounding the inauguration of the grand vizier renowned for unashamed racism, the touring exhibition of Kerry James Marshall seems timely, and in it’s own way, a...
Art+Photography 06.01.2017

Harley Weir’s Boundaries

Boundaries. Word inflicting both torment and tease...
Art+Photography 06.01.2017

Friday Night at The Office

Friday Night at the office as we are preparing for London Fashion Week Menswear edition. ...
Art+Photography 28.12.2016

Current Mood

Blanca Miró Skoudy's sketch is setting the tone for upcoming parties...
Art+Photography 20.12.2016

Hoej’s Instagram world of recontextualisation

Instagram account that has us head over heels due to it’s intense visual grid and specific colour scheme....
Art+Photography 28.12.2016

Watch: Audre Lorde – The last reading

Political and social ruckus that has marked 2016 is tempering it's roar, our minds turn towards Audre Lorde ...
Art+Photography 13.12.2016

Mint Christmas: Peter Shire ceramics

Peter Shire’s practice spans over several artistic fields, who rose to prominence  as the first American member of the Italy-based Memphis Group. Shire started working with pottery in the 1970’s...
Art+Photography 10.12.2016

Photocopier Animation

Photocopier Animation from leila arisa on Vimeo....
Courtesy of John Baldessari
Art+Photography 08.12.2016

John Baldessari’s healthy dose of why-not

John Baldessari's world is slightly askew, very punny, with a healthy dose of why not-attitude. ...
Art+Photography 10.12.2016


An avant-gard favourite right now...
Art+Photography 27.11.2016

The lasting impact of Paul Klee

“A line is a dot that went for a walk”....
Filmstill: Buildings and Words
Art+Photography 10.12.2016

Ed Ruscha: Buildings and Words

A short-length documentary directed by Felipe Lima,narrated by Owen Wilson. ...
Art+Photography 05.12.2016

Teller on Mapplethorpe

A pioneer of modern photography, who’s work blurs the lines between artistic practice and commercial realization...
Art+Photography 05.12.2016

The life of Agnes Martin

“There’s nothing that approximates the experience of seeing it in person,” says curator Tracey Bashkoff of the Guggenheim Museum - she is referring to the most extensive retrospective of Agnes...
Art+Photography 13.12.2016

Helen Martin wins Turner prize

Helen Marten uses sculpture, screen printing and her own writing to produce installations that are full of references, from the contemporary to the historical, and the everyday to the enigmatic. For the Turner Prize...