It’s a BLOUSE World- 10 rules to live by according to Geoffrey J.Finch

Here at MINT we have the honour of publishing the first 10  Blouse-isms –rules to live by according to Aussie export and Blouse founder – Geoffrey J.Finch.  Now,  by offering re-contextualized familiarities (there is only a certain amount of ways one can make a shirt) lightly spiced with a dose of wry humour, your regular blouse has gotten an East-London update. You will never again have to worry about trying hard to achieve that nonchalantly disheveled charm as Blouse has already take care of slitting your shirt in all the right places, making you a lucky winner of that haute-worthy 4 am look (or 3pm on Sunday just in time for breakfast) anytime you wish during the week. All that without a spilled drink in sight. And if this isn’t enough to spark your interest – the brand’s Instagram aptly named Blouse.World builds upon their sartorial way of living and is by far one of the best Instagram accounts we have come across in recent history. It’s witty, obscene and dry in the best way possible- everything we need to set the weekend mood alongside offering great entertainment on the day after.  Retailing at Matches, Selfridges and Hypebeast

Blouse retails at Matches Fashion, Selfridges  and Hypbeast

1. Read Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life 
2. Read John Waters’ Role Models 
3. Read Hanya Yanagihara’s A Little Life 
3. Try therapy – what can be better than talking about/evolving yourself? 
4. Get a psychic reading – as above 
5. Actually be kind, mainly to yourself 
6. Listen to and trust the universe – the rhythm of life is a powerful thing 
7. It’s all good; you’re probably not stacking bricks for a living
8. In challenging moments my sister (a REAL survivor) reminds me that “this too will pass.” 
9. Vulnerability is the new sexy
10. Lean in to a cheese puff from Elliot’s Borough Market or a grappa panna cotta from The River Cafe