Lohr’s Birds

”Birds are inspiring creatures, but with this project I wanted to abstract things and look closer at something kind of surreal that I see when looking at birds’ feathers in real detail”.


Bavarian fashion, still-life and portrait photographer Thomas Lohr flutters across boundaries between abstraction and nature in his latest solo project Birds, an unequivocally contemporary series of close-ups of a myriad of living birds shot in natural lighting. Exploring different bird parks and menageries across Europe, Lohr has beautifully captured these elusive creatures in their natural environment. The photographs provoke a curiosity towards the scientific within the onlooker rendering a rare and intimate insight into these elegant and enigmatic beings. The beauty lies perhaps in the very details – the attention to the colour, texture and form of feathers and plumage which highlights the individual intricacies and personalities of each species.
“The initial idea behind the book was a study on textures and colours.

What I wanted to do was to show the beauty of birds while approaching it from a different point of view.” Each photograph is accompanied with it’s very own scientific name – Phoenicopterus Roseus and Balearica Regulorum just two delightful examples, imparting yet another layer of intrigue and personality. The images unequivocally embrace the same unique plasticity, aesthetic and temperament palpable represented within Lohr’s fashion photography that has earned him features in the likes of Vogue, i-D and Interview magazine and a portfolio boasting names from Dior to Kenzo. The exhibition is currently on show at Galerie für Moderne Fotografie in Berlin but has also been published as a limited edition book delicately printed on Japanese paper and bound with white thread which is in itself tangibly exquisite.

Thomas Lohr’s  Birds is on view at Galerie für Moderne Fotografie until 1st April